May 2nd, 2006

from In Time of War.


The life of man is never quite completed;
The daring and the chatter will go on:
But, as an artist feels his power gone,
These walk the earth and know themselves defeated.

Some could not bear nor break the young and mourn for
The wounded myths that once made nations good,
Some lost a world they never understood,
Some saw too clearly all that man was born for.

Loss is their shadow-wife, Anxiety
Receives them like a grand hotel; but where
They may regret they must; their life, to hear

The call of the forbidden cities, see
The stranger watch them with a happy stare,
And Freedom hostile in each home and tree.


О дне памяти погибших в войнах Израиля.

Мне смутно помнится (а точнее информации не смогла найти), что где-то в Эльзасе есть скульптура памяти погибших в войнах на этой территории. Мать оплакивает убитых сыновей - один из них немец, другой - француз.
Что-то в этом духе.