February 6th, 2006

Об ожидании. Спасибо crivelli за подсказку.

Soon after she left, having giving him an appointment for the next day, the night seemed to extend inordinately: it was no longer his night, but a vast night, one that uncharacteristically included not only daylight, since it now extended to the entirety of the Earth with its different time zones; but moreover the experiences of all the others, including his beloved. Since the single possible event that could happen to him was to meet her again, it was going to be an eventless night; nonetheless, he intensely felt that so much had to take place for this night to pass at all and therefore for him to meet her again the next day: around 360,000 people would have to be born, and around 150,000 persons would have to die; so many people would have to write desperate letters then tear them up; so many people would have to commit suicide, etc.

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